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25th Anniversary Analytics in Everything
Monica Brians

Analytics in Everything

In a data-saturated global marketplace, incisive analytical skills are no longer a “nice to have.” They’re a necessity.

The Poole College gives all of its graduates a strong grounding in analytical thinking — and delivers critical insights to industry.

Because nearly every modern business decision is data-driven, the Poole College of Management has integrated data analysis and interpretation skills across our curricula and programs, from undergraduate to executive education. No undergraduate track better exemplifies our approach than the Business Analytics Honors Program, which offers student-focused preparation for careers in the field.

“Businesses today are overwhelmed with the amount of information and data before them,” says Scott Showalter, professor of accounting. “It’s one thing to prepare that data; it’s another thing to understand the insights that come from that data. We’re preparing our students to find those insights and make informed decisions for businesses.”

152 Students Enrolled

Since it began in spring 2016, more than a hundred students have benefited from the Business Analytics Honors Program.

The program combines challenging analytics coursework with a practicum course that pairs students with local employers facing real-world analytics challenges. The students get the opportunity to tackle actual problems, propose solutions and present their work to top executives.

According to McKinsey Global Institute, by 2018 there will be a shortage of 1.5 million managers and analysts who have the ability to make decisions using big data. At Poole, we’re taking concrete steps to close that gap.

“What I hear from my colleagues across industries is that Poole College students stand out for their readiness level,” says Jeff Ward, chief strategy officer for First Citizens Bank. “These graduates are ready to hit the ground running.”

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